TURF DESIGN ターフデザイン キャディバッグ TDCB-1971

TURF DESIGN ターフデザイン キャディバッグ TDCB-1971


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Recently, I went on a boat to capture a 360-degree movie. The boat was a trial of the ship transportation from Haneda Airport to Akihabara. The trial was finished. But in future, the water transportation may become a popular way in Tokyo. I could see the Tokyo Seaside, from near the surface of rivers. We passed through many kind of bridges, and I watched many boats was anchored in a bay, many of town, people… I have been in Tokyo for thirty years or more, but I have never seen the sight of view. It was extraordinary experiences for me. 8 months ago, YouTube supported 360-degree videos. After that, Facebook […]

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Many geeks keep dream alive to capture/reproduce the everything around of us. The 1900 Paris Exposition already, there was an multi cinema projector amusement to show around view from a balloon. About ten years ago, I participated a research project for 360 degrees panorama camera and interactive immersive content. At the time, 8 cameras was put together in large 360° camera. We went to not only Tokyo location but Los Angeles with the camera and 8 recorders, video mixer, a lot of battery and HDD in 19-inch Rack to make 360° movie content. Last September, I went to NYC to see Maker Faire NewYork, and I tried to take 360° […]

PRADA プラダ リュック ブラック


littleBits is electrical circuit creating toy. Each function is assembled in a block module with special magnet connector, for easy electrical connection. The crispy connection feeling is fun! The founder is Ayah Bdeir and one of the funder is Joi Ito. Last year 2013, KORG became littleBits official importer in Japan. They also started to design their original synthesiser modules with littleBits. The littleBits Synth Kit was released at December, 2013. littleBits Synth Kit was referenced legendary classic synthesiser, KORG MS-20 for the circuit design. Each sound making elements was separated in small littleBits blocks. You can choose any of sound element block to assemble your designed musical instrument as […]

ecco スパイクレス ゴルフシューズ


Nowadays, “Fake Miniature picture” is popularized by iPhone digital filter App. But the original Fake Miniature expression was made by optically, “Tilt-Shift” Lens. The lens is often used perspective and focus control to avoid defocus in product pictures. But for the Miniature picture, the lens is used for adding defocus effectively. I have tried to attach old SLR lens on iPhone to use narrow focus expression as SLR camera. And this time, I tried to attach Tilt-Shift Lens to see Real Optical Miniature picture in iPhone. The result may not good. The resolution was not enough, and you saw fringe patterns in the pictures. You should choose digital effect first, […]



Tokyu Toyoko-line terminal at Shibuya station was used for 89 years. 420 thousand passengers/day passed through the station. March 15, 2013, The Ground Station was replaced to underground one for connecting another underground line. I tried to record the the view from the train window, using multi camera :-) The sight from the elevated line might be not special, It’s an everyday affair in Tokyo, but it provided precious experience for me. I loved it.

モンクレール キッズ パーカー 104センチ


Tokyo tower had been the highest tower in Japan for over fifty years. It’s not tallest now, but it still be attracted as one of the Tokyo’s landmark. Last year, the top of the post had bended by Tohoku Earthquake. After the disaster, our daily life is backed as the recovery progresses. One year later from the disaster, Tokyo tower refurbishing was started from April, 2012. And at last, the post was replaced to straight one at the four months later, August. I hope that the peace will continue. When I took the pictures from Roppongi Hills building, a french couple also took Tokyo tower pictures from the same location. […]


管理機/耕運機 三菱 マイミニ MM27


Tokyo is one of the expensive place. Apartment rooms is so expensive, but it’s cramped and known as rabbit hutch. My room is also small. So, I ordered renovation of my room for more space and comfort. At last I got a sufficient room for me ;-) It’s time-lapse movie of the renovation.

いっちーさんコメントありがとうございます。 写真追加させていただきましたが、プーマの29センチの靴で入りました。 靴を袋のようなものに入れてなら入ると思いますが、しっかりした形のケースに入れた状態では入らないと思います。###はじめまして。 こちらはシューズは入りそうですか?###

新品 DAMA collection 羊革 トレンチコート


Tokyo Skytree is a new broadcasting and observation tower. It’s the second tallest structure (634 m / 2,080 ft) in the world after Burj Khalifa (829.84 m), and the observation deck (450 m) is the highest place in Tokyo, than Tokyo Tower’s (223.55 m) and Roppongi Hills building’s rooftop deck (238 m). Tokyo Skytree is just opened as of 22 May. It’s very hard to take the reservation for the observation deck ticket. But my friend gave me it. Thanks a lot. I went to there at yesterday night, and took the beautiful night view pictures. Enjoy! You see Sumida River, Tokyo tower, Tokyo Station area and Imperial Palace. Asakusa […]

希少テーラーメイドSIM2 MAX D ドライバー


I think, Red Bull seems to make an effort to allow excite things to take root in Japanese Society. For example, Air Race is not famous in Japan, but they are keeping to cary Air Racer every year, and make the stripe in Japanese air at their sponsored music event. In this year, they carried their F1, and demonstrated at not only the event but a pubric way for Japanese Eathquake Disaster Charity. I surprised that GoPro HD shop-bought camera was put on F1 as the on-board camera :-) This week is very important for Red Bull Racing between Monaco and Canada Gp, But Buemi showed us his genuine hospitality […]

ミズノプロ ビッグm 硬式グローブ